Just a Little Bit BUNDLE #4,5,6

**Contains 215 Hi-Res images.**
The conclusion of the story, including the following chapters:

Just a Little Bit #4 - A plan for revenge
Sydney has tormented our heroes for long enough. The time has come for her to be cut down to size, and pay for her actions.
And as always - when someone shrinks, another always grows :)

Just a Little Bit #5 - The cure
Pym has finally finished the cure, which should stop our heroines (and villainess) from any further shrinking.
What will happen to the cure? Will everyone use it? And will it work?

Just a Little Bit #6 - The end
This episode lets us see where every character ended up - Who's together? How tall (or short) is everyone?
It includes 26 images, which let us see all the size changes from the very start of the story, up until today. These images should be very enjoyable to anyone who likes seeing size change and size comparison.

Contains female shrinking, female growth, and a lot of height comparison.

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